Eradicating sickness from your body (part 1)

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases that can attack the human body. Like all other diseases and illnesses, there is a cure that can eliminate it. The cure is Jesus.

Jesus bore all of our diseases in His body (1 Peter 2:24). Jesus bore them in his body so that we do not have to bear sickness in our bodies. He bore all diseases, not just some diseases. Cancer is a disease, so it is included in the cure. Whatever disease you are experiencing in your body today believe that Jesus has already bourn it in his body.

Get your Bible and read it for yourself. Healing of our bodies, along with salvation, was paid for when Jesus went to the cross. The root cause of most illnesses is sin. Get rid of sin by confessing it. Jesus is the cure for sin. He bore our sins in his body when he bore our sickness (1 Peter 2:24).Take care of your body now because sickness can destroy your life. It can also affect the lives of those around you.

Good nutrition, exercise, getting adequate sleep and rest, taking vitamins—these are all good practices to help keep the body healthy. Continue using these along with God’s word—the word of God is a vital element for restoring the body back to health. Saturate your mind daily with the word. God’s word is like medicine (John 6:63 and Psalm 107:20). His word can heal with no side effects. Just like medicine, it takes time for your faith to develop in the word before you see yourself healed (see previous articles on faith).

Your body is like a garden. The word of God is like a seed. If you plant it in good soil, it will produce. Like a seed you have to water it and take care of it to receive a good harvest. Keep watering it with the word. Along the way, you will have to pull up some weeds that will try to choke it (weeds of doubt and unbelief). Do not get discouraged. Keep speaking the word. Do not focus on your illness or your problem. Instead, focus on what the word of God says (you are already healed).

Speak to your illness, tell it what the word of God says, and command it to leave your body in the name of Jesus. Keep speaking the word often. Speak it three or more times if needed. You will get results. I am speaking from personal knowledge. I am telling you what I did to eradicate sickness out of my body. The word does work but you have to spend time with God’s word along with caring for your body with proper nutrition and supplements until your healing manifests.