TDOE launches Tenn. Substitute Teacher Jobs Connection to support district recruitment efforts

The Tenn. Department of Education has launched a new initiative to provide Districts access to job-seeking teachers.

The Tennessee Department of Education has launched the Tenn. Substitute Teacher Jobs Connection, which will serve as a central location for interested applicants to discover substitute teaching opportunities in the state’s schools and districts.

With a global pandemic that has limited traditional recruiting methods, the department launched this new initiative to support districts in finding and hiring great substitute teachers.

“We understand the challenge our districts are facing to hire and keep great teachers, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. The role substitute teachers will play is essential as we move into the upcoming school year,”  said Commissioner Penny Schwinn. “The department is grateful to continue working with the Tennessee Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) to connect job-seeking substitute teachers with openings to provide every student with a high-quality teacher.”

This is the third initiative launched by the department to proactively support districts as they recruit high-quality educators and is specifically aimed at engaging interested substitute teachers that may not know about opportunities or openings available.

On the Tenn. Substitute Teacher Jobs Connection, any individual who is interested in substitute teaching in Tennessee is welcome to submit their information to the department through this form: <>.

“The Tenn. Substitute Teacher Jobs Connection is just another resource the department has launched to assist districts in recruiting high-quality educators as we prepare for the upcoming school year,” said Mike Garren, director of Loudon County Schools. “I appreciate the thought partnership and collaboration of the department to support districts as we make local decisions to keep our students safe and ensure they continue learning.”

By participating, all individuals agree to have their information shared widely, as the department will provide information to Tennessee schools and districts. Local district guidelines and policies apply when determining eligibility for substitute teaching roles.

On a regular basis, the department will send submissions collected from interested substitute teachers to the Tennessee Association of School Personnel Administrators (TASPA) listserv. TASPA members, who serve as human resource professionals for Tennessee districts, can then contact these individuals and ask them to apply to substitute teaching roles in their respective districts.

The Tenn. Substitute Teacher Jobs Connection builds upon two existing initiatives to proactively support districts with recruitment and filling vacancies—the Tenn. Education Job Board and the TN Teacher Jobs Connection.

“Through each of these initiatives, the department has responded to hiring needs across the state by connecting job-seeking educators directly to districts,” said Corby King, director of Putnam County Schools. “In Putnam County, we are grateful to have access to these resources to increase the applicant pool of high-quality educators and substitute teachers as the upcoming school year approaches.”