Cancer: My Journey In Time (part 5)
Keep making connections for the community

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

How do you update someone’s health? “He’s doing okay.” “He’s good.” “He’s in the hospital.” “He’s at home.” As Rev. Enoch Fuzz goes through an unforeseen health ordeal, he continues to do the work that was left undone. He still battles stage 4 lung cancer, yet he continues to work through the good days and bad days.

The works that are undone, are not due to his illness but to other unforeseen happenings, including: tornadoes; the health issue threatening everyone across the globe (COVID-19); and the past that has always loomed over our community: race. Rev. Enoch Fuzz handles the issue of race by treating everyone as one. He is a bridge that connects all races with one another in their respective areas of need. He does this through his personal friendships as well as the One Nashville organization.

Rev. Fuzz is currently in a better place this week as he took a brief walk, pushing through his discomfort. Making the best of a ‘good day’ Fuzz finished his walk and wanted a plate of food from Swett’s Restaurant. He is still making connections, with the intent to set up a lunch date by bringing some people together for a cause that will benefit the Nashville community.

“I think Fuzz is the only person that can pick up the phone and call anyone in the city, Black or White, and just have a conversation with them,” said one pastor, who is also a friend of ‘The Rev.’ “He seems to have everyone’s personal contact right there in his phone.” In fact, he does. He is a friend to many as he uses his friendships to uplift the community as a whole.

Rev. Fuzz continues to ask prayers of the masses. This journey gives him satisfaction in knowing that so many people are praying, which is his greatest desire.

You can also catch Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s posts on Facebook.

We will learn more next week about TSU’s ‘Rev. Enoch Fuzz TSU Legacy Fund.’