Cancer: ‘My Journey in Time’ (part 6)

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Pray. That sounds like an easy thing to ask for, yet it seems difficult. During this journey, for Rev. Fuzz, the common thread is the asking of prayers.

Upon learning that Rev. Enoch Fuzz, the pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, has fallen ill what were your first thoughts? Whatever you thought, felt or wanted to do, it’s likely that somewhere in your speaking, you said something like, “Oh, God bless him.” Some people automatically verbalized to him, “Oh, I’m praying for you.”

Finding out that he has stage 4 cancer caused some of the same reactions once again. What makes prayer difficult? Did you stop and pray at that moment? What did you pray for? Since Fuzz asked for your prayers, are you still praying? What are you asking in your prayers? Are your prayers silent, spoken aloud with someone, alone, shared with others? Do you ask others to pray on his behalf?

Enoch Fuzz has asked for the support of more than himself. He has encouraged the readers of his journey to participate in the community activities that support healthy eating, visiting Nashville General Hospital, supporting the food pantry, sponsoring food drops in neighborhoods and looking out for your own health. He admonishes the public to seek needed resources and show people how to get the help needed to provide and maintain better health. He has shown compassion for those who lead in ministry and in the community.

Rev. Fuzz has shared his desire to be better and follow the doctor’s orders and try new prescriptions to an old disease. He maintains that “My doctor takes better care of me than I do for myself.”

It seems that Covid-19 overrode any other illnesses these days. Yet, there are still reasons to maintain doctor visits and other health issues that continue to arise. Don’t think that because he is unable to go into his pulpit or creatively lead his parishioners as other pastors have had to do, he is not ministering. Fuzz is not only asking for prayers, he is praying too.

Praying is not difficult. Sometimes we pray when we utter prayerful words. Visit Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s Facebook page and sometimes in his posts, you will hear him praying in song.

Continue to pray and follow Enoch Fuzz’s journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’