Four more years!

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The battle cry constantly echoed during the National Republican Convention (NRC) was four more years. Honestly, as an African American I tried to watch and be objective and open to the speakers vehemently  supporting this POTUS and his falsified claim of creating a thriving economy (compliments of the Obama Administration) before Covid-19. I felt like I was witnessing a cult convention where the occupants were in a hypnotic trance or in a sworn allegiance to a calculating demagogue. There was no shortage of speeches glorifying and praising the POTUS. I thought this was wishful thinking from well-paid speechwriters, doing what they do best, making the orators look good. While I know this is common practice, it shouldn’t have fooled anyone who has followed the immoral actions of the POTUS.

Many people I talked to, dubbed the convention the ‘Republican Convention of Lies,’ catering to a select group of Whites, trying to maintain a status quo of White privilege and control. Make no mistake, the speakers attempted to project the Republican Party as being inclusive to Blacks and other minorities, but the reality is that many people feel the party is only interested in maintaining its own self-interests. There is no shortage of Americans who feel the Republican Party has a history of ostracizing the concerns of the common working American. Those watching the convention noticed a considerable absence of people of color. The NRC presented many positive optics and photo opts that many African Americans were not buying because their reality was totally different. The NRC was selling a picture to their loyal base, which many independent voters feel are more dedicated to an individual than the country.

There was no lack of speakers idolizing and praising the POTUS. That can be expected from any political convention promoting a candidate or party. However, people at home were shaking their heads in disbelief in the accolades and praises from Republicans speakers, wondering how in good faith they stand there lying about this POTUS. Could they be talking about the same POTUS we see publically who lies, misrepresents and embarrasses our country? His mendacity knows no bounds.

Literally urinating on well-educated and informed Blacks by telling them it is raining is not working. But I must commend the Republican Party on handpicking a handful of articulate and eloquent Black speakers to try to  rally Blacks to support their party as the party of opportunity and upward mobility for minorities. Using Blacks as divisive tools against themselves is the oldest trick in the book, and it just goes to show how cunning and deceptive Republicans are in continuing to keep Blacks from becoming united. But in all honesty, many would concur that both major parties are adept in this practice.

I can understand and respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that some Blacks may gravitate to the basic principles and policies of the Republican Party. But support and adoration for this abomination of a president is inexcusable. This POTUS has a history of blatant racism and bigotry against people of color. He has publically insulted women, especially Black women, been sued denying Blacks from being tenets in his buildings, referred to a Black athlete who ‘takes a knee’ as a son of a bitch—and has referred to African nations as shithole countries.

While the POTUS may find an affinity with those handpicked Blacks so willing to support him, they should be aware that the people he loathes most are Black just like them. Could it be some up and rising Blacks have ascribed to a social/economic position that makes them think they are better than those who look like them? It would be better if they kept their calculated, treasonous loyalty to this POTUS to themselves. They are showing more loyalty to a corrupt, immoral POTUS than allegiance to their country. I can only wonder if these Blacks are willing participants. Have they been bought and sold, or do they just not know any better

I’’m not hating. It is not so much about African Americans being Republicans. It’s about exercising support and loyalty to this immoral, duplicitous and racist POTUS. Call it what it is, and be true to self.

You would think any Republican with decency and morals would denounce this POTUS.

The Republican National Convention put a lot of emphasis on Blacks historically being loyalty to the Democratic Party with little major gains or changes. This may be true to some extent, but the real truth is that Blacks gravitate to the party that offers more empathy and desire to meet their concern. This was bought on by centuries of legalized cruelty, forced slavery and systemic oppression. African Americans are forced to pick basically between two parties, and they usually pick the one (right or wrong) who makes an attempt to meet and address their pains. As it stands, many will argue that the Democratic Party has been the better of the two ills. That doesn’t legitimize the Democrat Party as being the best for Blacks and minorities, but it has proven to be more liberal in bringing about much needed changes for all Americans. The Republican Party tends to represent an exclusive, conservative system that many claim supports the status quo and White supremacy.

When all is said and done, the reality is that we are fighting to change the raging fire of racism depriving so many Americans of social justice and economic equality. But some are trying to hold on to an inadequate and immoral system of privileges and entitlements for a select group. We must put our differences aside and meet to unite and save this country. Dedicated Trump supporters are putting a man before the country. But he is by no means one qualified or capable of uniting this country. Be on the right side of history. ‘Four More Years of Trump’ shouldn’t be an option.