‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’(part 10)

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

‘Happy birthday’ is a simple two-word statement said without thought when the date of someone’s calendar birth date arrives after a year has passed. September 28 is the birth date of Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church. He makes the following statement:

“As I get ready for my 65th birthday, I am reminded of what an amazing God we serve. I know this battle isn’t mine and as you can see, someone with stage 4 cancer should be bed ridden. But I serve a God bigger than my diagnosis. My doctor serves a God who heals and believes that He will heal and fight for me so that I can serve my God and teach my grandson and many others to trust God. And by His will, as Dr. Thomas says, I will be around to drive her crazy and do God’s will. I thank God for every breath and for every door He opened so that I can help others to ask the right questions about their health. He will use me to extend love, mercy and healing ministry to others who are suffering. I want physicians who are passionate about serving God. That’s why I thank God for the Lightfords and Dr. Thomas. I know God is guiding them, and He will bless me and my generation to come.”

The members of Corinthian MBC host Rev. Fuzz’s birthday celebration, which is recognized every year with an extraordinary outdoor celebration open to the Nashville community. Rev. Fuzz is in the midst of a journey with stage 4 cancer, but his birthday will still be celebrated. He looks forward to a wonderful day and many great years to follow as he continues his journey under the current primary care of Dr. Melvin Lightford.

“As my patient, friend and pastor, I have to say it is my privilege to take care of someone who is selfless and loves God. It shines through that love. I know our God has you in our hands and he loves you,” said Dr. Rachel Thomas, overseer of Rev. Fuzz’s overall medical care. Speaking directly to Rev. Fuzz, she said: “May He expand your territory blessings and happiness, and may He give you time to spend with E.J. for 30 years.”

Dr. Thomas will work with Dr. Lightford and all other physicians to ensure the best possible care for Rev. Fuzz during this journey. She is happy and excited to report that he is doing very well. His journey is filled with good days and ‘challenging’ days. Spending time between his home and the hospital, he seems to be progressing extremely well, attributing his healing to God. It is an agreement with Rev. Fuzz, Dr. Lightford and all of his family and friends when Dr. Thomas said: “Praise God in everything!”

We invite you to read more next week about the details of Rev. Fuzz’s big birthday celebration to be held in a new location this year!

You can check on Rev. Fuzz through his Facebook profile and follow Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s journey: ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’