‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
(part 13) What do I say?

Rev. Enoch Fuzz with Elliston Place Soda Shop owner, Tony Giarratana.

We have been on this journey with Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, for 12 weeks. Being asked to chronicle his medical journey with stage 4 lung cancer has been a journey indeed. Last week, September 26, Rev. Fuzz celebrated his 65th birthday at the newly renovated Elliston Place Soda Shop. While the soda shop is not yet open to the public, owner Tony Garritana held the fundraising celebration for his long-time friend in order to help defray the costs of his extensive medical expenses. As stated in a previous article, Rev. Fuzz did not feel “healthy” but was in the midst of waiting for his 65th birthday in order to obtain his Medicare benefits.

Rev. Fuzz attended his birthday celebration for a little over an hour, having to leave as he was short of breath. Many were concerned because he had to leave with assistance. However, Rev. Fuzz takes home-breathing treatments to aid in his bouts with shortness of breath. He went home and he is fine.

Everyone has opinions on how someone should behave during their illness. As Rev. Fuzz endures this serious and most difficult time in his life, he remains surrounded with a team of medical doctors and advisors, caring family, friends and church members. He has a big birthday celebration every year, so because of the situation he is in at this point in life, he was excited to celebrate this year. Considering the stress of being in the midst of a pandemic, the celebration was great. Everyone was excited to see Rev. Fuzz. There was social distancing that included distance discs that started outside, masks and other items that had the red and white themed logo of ‘Friends of Fuzz!’

While others may disapprove of Rev. Fuzz’s desire to continue to ‘move around the city’ and try to continue living as he did prior to his diagnosis, he is not defiant of his doctor’s orders. Rev. Fuzz is quite attentive to their instructions.

I’d have to reply if asked: “Rev. Fuzz is doing ok. He is honest about how he feels when he feels bad and when he feels good. He says that the cancer has been significantly reduced since his cancer treatments in the form of a pill. He no longer suffers much from pain, but is now mostly affected with breathing issues. And he does have medication and treatments for that. Overall, Fuzz is doing well—all things considered. He seems to have come a long way, yet he still has a long way to go.”

Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz’s health and his healing. Readers are also encouraged to check on him through his Facebook posts and continue to follow Enoch Fuzz’s journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ by reading each week.