Speaking with authority over your illness

Speaking with authority as a believer in the name of Jesus will eradicate sickness. When you are facing any sickness or a difficult situation, speak to that situation in the name of Jesus. There is no sickness, no disease or any situation that is too difficult for our God to cure. It is written in Exodus 15:26 that God is a healer. He heals all diseases.

“God sent His Word and healed them,” Psalm 107:20. Meditate on these scriptures and repeat them boldly over yourself daily. Repeat and say the following: “It is written in Exodus 15:26 that you are my healer. Lord, it is written in Psalms 107:20 that you sent your word and it has healed me. In the name of Jesus, I receive my healing from (say name of illness).”

Repeat this also: “It is written in Jeremiah 32:17 that God is the God of all flesh and there is nothing too hard for you. I receive this in the name of Jesus. I am healed.” Keep repeating the above daily. If your symptoms get worse repeat them more often, along with praise, worship and offering thanksgiving to God, in the name of Jesus.

There is no such thing as an incurable disease. Jesus bore all sickness in His body according to 1 Peter 2:24. He bore sickness in His body, so you and I do not have to bear it in our bodies. Do not let sickness occupy your body, because healing is available in Jesus. See your sickness in Jesus’ body, not in your body. Claim your healing today.

The God of all flesh is saying to you today: What do you want me to do for you? The Great Physician is asking you. Talk to him just like you would your earthly physician. Let your request be made known to him. Talk to him often. He loves you and he cares about your needs. He is The Great I Am, supreme over all areas of your life. His spirit will give life to your body. He can resurrect dead body parts. It’s never too late to receive healing from God.

God is the God of all flesh. It does not matter what kind of flesh that is in need of healing. You may have cancerous flesh, arthritic flesh or just painful flesh. Come to him and receive your healing now. “There is nothing that is too hard for me,” Jeremiah 32:27. Come and believe that God is a healer. He wants to restore health and healing to your body. Seek God first, because He is the source of all healing.