St. James blows car horns in honor of ‘the Horn of Salvation’ for 95th anniversary

Saint James Missionary’s Rev. George T. Brooks and First Lady Sarah Brooks (c) are joined by state Sen. Brenda Gilmore (r) and Trustee Erica Gilmore.

Saint James Missionary Baptist Church carries on strong after 95 years of sounding the alarm on the Holy Hill announcing to the community, city and world ‘the Horn of Salvation’ that Jesus Christ still saves!

On Sunday, September 27, Saint James Missionary Baptist Church celebrated her ‘95th Church Anniversary and Homecoming.’ Due to the pandemic, the church did not have a special worship service as usual. Instead, Rev. Dr. George T. Brooks, Sr. lead his members assembled in 95 cars in the church’s parking, blowing their car horns for 95 seconds.

“This is in recognition of the theme, ‘Blowing Our Horns in Honor of the Horn of Salvation’ (scripture reference: Luke 1:69) to celebrate 95 years of existence. The Lord has blessed us to be a blessing to this dying world,” said a church representative.

Saint James Missionary Baptist Church is located at 600 28th Avenue North| Nashville.

Ninety-five cars lined up in the church parking lot and blew their horns for 95 seconds to commemorate the anniversary.