Truth will set you free

William T. Robinson, Jr.

The country is awaiting the recovery of the POTUS from Covid-19. I am referring to the same coronavirus the president led the country to believe was receding, saying maybe we were making it more cumbersome than it really is. This is the same coronavirus the president wasn’t serious enough about to make national guidelines mandatory—especially by wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. This is the same coronavirus that he questioned and often disagreed with advice from top scientists and noted doctors.

Many find it ironic that the country as a whole has more empathy and sympathy for him than he seems to have had for the many Americans that he misled–possibly contributing to their untimely deaths. But also be cognizant that there are those who have lost loved ones to the pernicious predatory virus who feel that the POTUS is experiencing karma and deserves whatever the consequences. But with all that being said, he is the POTUS of our country and it is only right to wish him a speedy recovery. Most of us have been taught that we should not wish ill will against someone, even if that person may be the bane of our existence.

Hopefully, this experience will be a learning opportunity for the POTUS and those so devoted to blindly following him. This whole experience forces the public regardless of your political affiliation to evaluate your allegiance to the truth or to a person. Make no mistake, the POTUS has a cult-like following that will follow him to hell and back regardless of whether he is right or wrong.

History has shown us time and time again that many demagogues often play on the emotions of ruthless, desperate and lawless followers—thus promoting conflicting groups that are hurtful toward society as a whole. Such demagogues use these groups as leverage, often to intimidate their opposition. Many see politics as an art of communicating effectively to reach or achieve an outcome. Certain modus operandi of achieving that outcome is not always acceptable and received by all.

There are many who would argue that you don’t beat a man when he is down. But this is an opportune time to understand what led to the POTUS contracting Covid-19. Respectively, we hope the POTUS and his close circle of associates, a speedy recovery—but we must make this a learning experience.

There are numerous reasons we all know of why some personally dislike the POTUS. We will not expound upon these at this time. The main scenario that continues to resonate in our heads is this: the POTUS downplayed the coronavirus when he knew its severity from day one.  He refused to use his position as the head of this nation to set mandatory guidelines that would have curtailed the spreading of the disease and saved thousands of lives.

Some would say it was inexcusable and unforgivable that he would  not wear a mask and even taunted others who wore one. He personally  thought it was unnecessary. He used his position to cause dissention by disagreeing with expert researchers and doctors who represented science. He even claimed the mask was a political party difference: Democrats vs. Republicans. Logic itself dictated that guidelines set forward such as wearing a mask, distancing, and washing your hands constantly, would curtail the disease. We all would be inconvenienced, but in a given time period (if everyone practiced the proposed guidelines), the virus would dissipate quicker—and we would save lives and our economy would recover faster.

Even now as the POTUS recovers, he tells the public that we should not fear Covid-19. Sounds good, but tell it to the families that have lost loved ones who were not privy to the numerous professional doctors, the experimental drugs, and attention given our president. It’s a shame the POTUS lacks empathy and compassion for others. Instead, he flaunts his progress achieved only because of the privileges and entitlements he received as our president. And we will not talk about him parading around during his hospital stay.

Watching so many presumably educated and intelligent people not wearing a mask has been more than alarming and disturbing. It seemed like you were being disrespectful to the Republican Party if you wore a mask to one of their public rallies or events attended by the POTUS.

The POTUS, key figures in his working circle and dignitaries at his events who caught the corona virus serve as a wake-up call to the nation. This is unfortunate. Allegiance to a man despite facts is a recipe for disaster. As the saying goes: “Sad are those who have eyes who refuse to see.” Honestly, those who are awoke should pity the people who refuse to see the light.