‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ (part 15)
“No test — no testimony”

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Do you know anyone continuously working non-stop? We all know people that makes us ponder the question, “When does he sleep?” Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church is most definitely one of those people. At the beginning of the year 2020, prior to everything being closed by the coronavirus pandemic, it was nothing unusual to see Rev. Fuzz just about anywhere and everywhere. He was meeting city officials, calling people together for one cause or another; setting up a small lunch meeting with two, three or four others at Swett’s Restaurant (or somewhere else); or preparing for an upcoming special city event. He was introducing people to the city and the city to the people who may be newcomers or simply unaware. He may’ve been on a mission to get someone special the needed care of food, medical service or legal services. His bi-monthly Saturday morning ‘One Nashville’ breakfasts would sometimes cover many of those networks.

He did all that while still maintaining his pastoral duties at Corinthian. He could be found, cooking for the Wednesday noon service, personally assisting a member, preparing for a church function, (or delegating to someone already appointed as to what they should be doing), or preparing a Sunday message. Even on Sunday, he never sat still as he also sang and checked on the aromas of food being prepared in the kitchen.

You may even see him on a news interview. If not there, Facebook was always jumping with his posts, often in controversy. He would simply say: “Get ya mind right, Cuz.” No doubt, if you were to be on Fuzz’s agenda, you could receive a text in the middle of the night that you would wake up to in the morning.

The pandemic drastically slowed the world’s continuous hustle and bustle of continuous working and movement as everyone knew it. And yes, the diagnosis of stage 4 lung cancer drastically stopped the non-stop workings Rev. Fuzz is accustomed to. During his journey with this cancer, he maintains his ability to make connections. While Rev. Fuzz no longer has body aches, he is experiencing the need to wear oxygen for 24/7. He asks specific prayers that the oxygen does not become a permanent situation. “I’m so tired,” he said. But just learning all that he does can make one tired just thinking of all of it. He is tired but continues to do all he can to ‘make things happen,’ including the joy of prayer.

As Rev. Fuzz continues to isolate, he made note of this new time of life for him. He knows that there may be changes that may be extremely unusual, yet we must push through in order to share the testimony of God’s goodness. He said: “No test. No testimony.”

Continue to pray and check Rev. Fuzz on his Facebook page, or follow his journey each week, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’