‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’(part 16)
Take care of myself

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Rev. Enoch Fuzz is still busy! Since Rev. Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, was diagnosed with stage-four lung cancer, he has been slowed down, but not stopped. Whenever Rev. Fuzz felt the slightest hint of ‘feeling good,’ he continued in his regular outreach pastoring (note: from his journey, #14, last week).

While Rev. Fuzz has remained busy, he has also continued to have ‘good days’ and ‘not so good’ days. In mid-October, Rev. Fuzz said: “I’m gonna have to see about me and take care of myself.” After feeling that he needed a nice comfortable recliner chair, he received it and began to take it out of the box. He experienced painful back spasms. It was at that point that he realized that he was unable to continue putting projects together. “I’m very ill and I have to accept that I cannot take on projects,” Fuzz said.

Upon learning someone was hungry or didn’t have food, Fuzz’s first action is to get them food and connect them to someone to help them out of that situation. The Corinthian Church would pass out over 600 dinners for people working on Thanksgiving Day under the leadership and guidance of Rev. Fuzz. He has to step away from all of these types of projects—not just putting a chair together or doing other types of household physical labor. He has to remain in the bed most of the day, take his medications and listen to strict instructions from his doctor.

In October Fuzz made the decision to eliminate all activities in order to regain his health. As he moves to this different way of living and thinking, Fuzz decided to take care of himself so that he can continue to take care of others when he gets better “no matter what I think I can do.” He said: “All these people praying; that’s a miracle! It’s a lot of people praying and some of these people, well, He’s gotta answer their prayers.” Rev. Fuzz believes that God listens to a plethora of people and their prayers. He can’t just ignore the many prayers that people are praying on his behalf. He said that people should keep praying, because he cannot just ‘speak’ his way back into a healing.

It has not gone unrecognized that many people are being kind and want to try and help in any way possible. Look for more information on a Drive Through Love ‘Athon for Rev. Enoch Fuzz on November 7 from 1-4 pm at Corinthian MBC.

Continue to pray for the pastor’s health and his healing. Readers are also encouraged to check on him through his Facebook posts and continue to follow Rev. Enoch Fuzz’s journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’ by reading each week.