‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’: I Want To

Pastor Enoch Fuzz

“To everything there is a season, a time to…” I think we’ve all heard that scripture from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. If not the entire scripture, at least parts of it. There is a purpose for all things. There is a time to plant and a time to sow. Perhaps you’re thinking what has this to do with the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church?

In previous writings regarding Pastor Fuzz’s journey with stage four lung cancer, I have mentioned the many things that Rev. Fuzz is involved in, the many tasks he takes on, and his endless “to do” list that involves his church family, his community and a little of himself and his family. Because Rev. Fuzz continues to give and give of himself, there sometimes come a time to “be still” and let God do the works in your stillness.

As Pastor Fuzz seems to be a conduit for God’s ministries at work, he is required to take a rest from the extensive labor in order to see the harvest from the seeds he has so diligently sown over the years. While the cancer in his body continues to shrink, he has not recovered. He continues to need oxygen to assist in his daily breathing. And, due to the low oxygen, he is easily tired. However, he has a desire to continue his works. He knows that his body must rest in a way that he hasn’t known for many years, yet Pastor Fuzz says, “I want to, but I just can’t.” He admires the efforts that everyone takes in acknowledging him. Most of all, he is especially admirable of the prayers that are being prayed on his behalf and the recognition that God hears prayers.

While Enoch Fuzz wants to keep on with “business as usual,” he must rest more than usual and stay out of the “mix.” And, at this time of a pandemic, we all are in a time of adjustment as well. Therefore, we encourage Rev. Fuzz in knowing we are all somewhat “stilled” right along with him. And, we are in continuous prayer right along with him and for him. While God hears and answers prayers, it is now a time when Pastor Fuzz can heal while the world also heals.

Rev. Fuzz has always wanted to see the nations pray sincerely and many are doing just that, praying. For all things there is a season… This is a season of prayer and restoration and harvest from seeds sown. People are working out some of the areas that Fuzz has led for so long in an effort to keep his works going through giving. Those seeds of compassion for those in need and other “seeds” from Pastor Fuzz’s efforts. The works continue from the efforts of a trustworthy servant who works tirelessly in his sowing. Continue to pray for Pastor Fuzz and check him on his Facebook posts. We also encourage you to keep reading his weekly chronicle, Cancer: My Journey in Time.