Redemption for 2021

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It is quite obvious that 2020 has not been kind to many Americans and to the world as a whole. This nation has been forced to recognize that social injustice and racial inequality has heightened and that there is or no longer room for denying or excusing these ostentatious abominations. We have been visited by a  pernicious and unmerciful virus that is decimating many populations as well as  causing economic ruin for so many—contributing to high unemployment and a sea of  people struggling to stay afloat, maintain their residences and feed their families.

Our states have been victimized by merciless storms, floods and fires bringing unfathomable destruction and death. We have  witnessed top elected officials putting politics  above lives by not enforcing mask mandates that we all know will help reduce this dreadful  virus that has brought so much grief to so many of our families. We have normalized immorality, lies, and flagrant disrespect.

If we are honest with ourselves, we are forced to ask, “What have we done as individuals or as a nation to force these horrendous events upon ourselves?” Surely, we must take responsibility for some of these obvious menaces if we are to avert them in the future. Minimizing, ignoring or refusing to acknowledge and confront what is apparent has only served to act as an albatross around our necks, contributing to the further continuation  and spread of  immoral vices.

There is no denying from many religious or spiritual people that we have fallen short of the  grace and mercy of our omnipotent God by our  actions—especially in our subsequent approval and continuing efforts to alienate God in all public venues. We disregard his universal  teachings of love, mercy and well being as manifested to all people. We should not be surprised that there are repercussions for disobedience as a nation, comparable to a parent disciplining or punishing his child for misconduct. Our propensity to put God on the back burner will have dire consequences. God has the final say so, and will show us who is in charge.

While there are those who are genuine and faithful observers and harbingers of God’s universal precepts, there are just as many who are silent. They acquiesce to the immoral and evil self-serving practices of public servants  who navigate public laws, policies and practice for their own self interests. But I believe those committed to serving God will have some leverage in God’s mercy in the end.

We all must suffer because so many good people are failing to fight for the virtues that will unite us as a nation, promoting equity, equality and justice for all. Even though there are a multitude of good people, we are collectively  reprimanded  and  punished  for  our sins as a nation. We all suffer, because when  it rains it rains on all of us, excluding none.  Therefore, we have a responsibility to speak out against blatant injustices regardless of the rhetoric of an individual or group.

We can continue on the path we are following now, rationalizing our wrongdoings and shortcoming, literally sleeping with the devil—or we can choose to ask for penance and change. Therefore, going into the year 2021,  faithful and God fearing sheep must rally for redemption by asking for forgiveness. We must  rededicate ourselves to following moral and humanitarian precepts that we know will bring us favor with God.

This endeavor to bring about favor with God will not be an easy task. Unholy forces invoke an ever present power of hate, jealousy, greed and injustice working at full force, 24/7.  However, it is not an option but a must for our salvation as a nation that we must make redemption a priority for 2021. That means we must distance ourselves from immoral public representatives who enact laws and policies openly promoting blatant, hidden agendas that  foster racial strife, discrimination, injustice, unmitigated hate and division. We all know immoral politicians who put themselves and their party before their morals or what they know is in the best interests of the nation as a whole.

We must embrace honesty, integrity and  morality as honorable and commendable virtues that we look for in those we elect to represent  us or our communities. It seems we tend to willingly ignore demagogues promoting lies, immorality, disunity and hate. We must fight for  the down trodden and those trying to keep their head above the water. We must fight to change laws, policies and practices promoting systemic and institutional racism. We must fight to offer Americans a decent living wage that will cut down on or help eliminate crime. We must work to bring about equity and equality, leveling the playing field between the have and have nots.

Reparations for African Americans must not only be a talking point, but a reality. We must diligently work so that all Americans are afforded the right to the pursuit of happiness (as long as it doesn’t cause harm to others). We must fight to protect the environment at all cost- for the future of our children. We must respect  the ethnic cultures and traditions of all citizens,  while acknowledging everyone as Americans  collectively. We must dedicate our resources and energies to research prolonging life and fighting  future epidemics—instead of prioritizing  weapons of mass destruction. We must fight incessantly to maintain our democratic principles.

Our biggest and most important priority for 2021 should be to ask for forgiveness and to rededicate ourselves to serving God by putting positive actions into practice. For the sake of this country, do your part in making 2021 a year of redemption and recapturing God’s favor.

President Trump, governors, mayors and the politicians of some states should accept their  complicity in the death of thousands of people  by not supporting or requiring a mandate for  something as basic and simple as the wearing of masks by their constituents to ward off the COVID-19 epidemic.