‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
What will the new year bring? “Fight on!”

Rev Fuzz sings, “I will trust me in the Lord” on his Facebook page.

As we say goodbye to the year 2020 that brought so many changes, we can’t help but ask, ‘what the new year will bring?’

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, was hit by the biggest personal challenge of his life in the year of 2020: stage four lung cancer. Since the chronicling of his journey with cancer, we have recapped his challenges along the way. We have shared his hospital admissions; his doctors and their views on his situation; his attempts at remaining a light to God’s vision as he is used in the community; his moments of weakness; his moments of struggle; his moments of building strength; his moments of continuing to move forward; his concern for others; his endurance; his tenacity; and his continued witness to the power of prayer.

Rev. Fuzz has been a witness to the power of love and how others come to the aid of their brethren in every way they know how. During this year of a dangerous and easily spread viral pandemic, COVID-19, Fuzz has managed to bear witness to living and pushing through a dynamic storm. Challenges like none we’ve ever seen, include: maintaining normal health during a pandemic filling our hospitals, and attentive demands placed upon the medical staff. Rev. Fuzz has witnessed first hand the meaning of ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’ from people who have visited, wearing masks and sanitizing as they enter his presence. All in all, it is quite exhausting! And yet, we continue to see that he will fight on—and he will sing on, as he often shares his gift of singing on his Facebook site.

The New Year of 2021 will not bring anything new to the will of Rev. Enoch Fuzz in regards to faith, hope and love. Knowing that the greatest of these is ‘love,’ it is with that love from God and to God that Rev. Fuzz and all of those that love him have the faith and the hope and the joy that will add to his strength daily. They all exhibit hope that his cancer will continue to shrink and that we will all bear witness to the recovery of such a servant of God, praying that he will be restored to his continue goodwill towards humanity.

Rev. Fuzz has not lost his sense of humor. He saw humor when one of his doctors told him: “You will need to lose some weight,” because Fuzz has always been tall and thin. He thought that was a statement he would never hear. During one of the lowest points along his journey, Fuzz was instructed to have all of his teeth pulled so as not to interfere with any of the medical procedures he had yet to undergo. He has now been provided with a nice set of teeth that look great. He is no longer on continuous 24/7 oxygen use. His cancer mass has also shrunk by a significant percentage due to the chemo pill making him extremely sick during  its initial use.

Although there have been significant improvements in his health, he is still in need of unending prayer.  2021 still brings trust.

Continue to pray for Rev. Enoch Fuzz.  Check on his Facebook status, where you might find him singing and praising or just talking.  And continue to read his journey each week in The Nashville PRIDE: ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’