Nashville Branch NAACP Biennial Election

The Nashville Branch of the NAACP is hosting its biennial election on Thursday, January 7. Due to COVID-19, there will not be any in-person voting. All members in good standing will be eligible to vote via Election Buddy. In order to ensure that members in good standing will be able to vote electronically, we ask that you:

  1. Please email your email address and phone number to <>.
  2. You may text your information to 615-593-5450.
  3. All requested information should be returned before or by noon on January 4.

Note: A member in good standing is one who was financial with the NAACP on or before October 20, 2020. Financial members, who encounter problems, should contact the Election Supervisory Committee Chair, Barry Barlow. Call, text, or email Barry Barlow at 615-593-5450 or <>.