When your healing manifests

When you receive your healing, it is very important to live a life that is pleasing to God. Stay in God’s word daily, meditating on healing scriptures. When an opportunity permits, tell others what Jesus has done for you. Be bold about your testimony. Keep your focus on God’s word. Offer praise and thanksgiving often to God, because He alone is worthy of our praise. Have scriptures readily available when temptation comes. The enemy will try to steal your healing and try to convince you that you are not healed.

When the enemy comes and tries to put doubt in your mind (that you are not healed)  just say: “Satan, I rebuke you, in the name of Jesus. You get out of my life, because it is written in Psalm 107:20 that “God sent His word and healed them. I am healed and I believe this in Jesus’ name.”  It’s important not to doubt or fear. If and when fear comes, immediately say: “God has not given me a spirit of fear but a spirit of love, power and a sound mind.

“My mind has perfect peace. I have the peace of God on the inside, the peace that surpasses all understanding. I have the mind of Christ.”

Memorize scriptures and repeat them often throughout the day. Meditate on the promises of God often. God’s words accomplish what He sends it to do. His word does not return to Him void (Isaiah 55:10-11). God’s word is unchanging. It is applicable to every situation you may encounter. Trust and believe that His word is working for you and in you. Believe that the word is throughout your whole body and that God is bringing about His plans and purpose for your life.

Believe that the Lord has already provided everything you need to overcome daily. Believe and receive that you already have the victory through Jesus and through your faith in His shed blood. Always have an expectancy that God will and can do exactly what He promises in His word. Believe that God is not like man. If He said it, He will do it. Remember that we serve a God for whom nothing is impossible. Believe that His word will accomplish what He sent it to do. Be patient, because His timing and our timing are different. Remember that the degree to which you trust him will determine the degree of victory you will experience.

Do not believe what you see in your body or what you feel. Your body may be aching but keep repeating what God says. Keep repeating “God sent His word and it healed me,” Psalm 107:20. Do not let your spiritual guard down once you are healed of a particular ailment. More battles are lost in counter attacks. Once you experience a spiritual victory, the devil will be back. So be prepared. Keep your armor ready. Always wear it. Keep it handy, especially your sword, which is the word of God.

Do like Jesus did to Satan, Jesus replied: “Satan it is written,” then repeat the scripture. For example: “Satan it is written in Psalm 107:20 that God said that He sent His Word and it healed them. I receive this, I am healed of_____ (say name of ailment).” Then the enemy will think twice before coming into your body to try to steal your healing from you.

He will go to another body where there are easy pickings. He may try to put sickness back on you, but God’s word has been built into your spirit.