‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
Being healed

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

Rev. Enoch Fuzz has mentioned an old saying: “Doctors will get you well and say you’re healed while God will let you die to heal you.”

So many times, when we’re praying to heal loved ones, the prayer is often that a person should be healed. Yes, that’s what we want. When we pray, we tend to have our answers to the outcome in our head. Yet it may not be the same as God’s answer.  We want to be whole and as we were before that situation. We want to be completely devoid of any additional aches, pains, diseases or ailments of all sorts.

Before we go any further, know that Rev. Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, is doing well. With all things considered, he is still under doctor’s care, able to care for himself and maintains a good appetite. He is able to breath without the use of 24/7 oxygen—as he was forced to be on previously for a few weeks. Every day Rev. Fuzz wakes up in the morning, showers and gets dressed for the day.

“I don’t know why,” he said “‘cause I ain’t going nowhere.” Yet, personally, it is a great thing to do as a part of one’s healing process—to maintain as much care for yourself as physically possible in these situations.

Rev. Fuzz is a great inspiration to anyone who is in a precarious health situation. While he still experiences a lot of back pain, he does not complain. Words spoken are regarding him taking medications and his situation, but not in a manner of complaint. He is also extremely optimistic about his full recovery and being free of all cancer. As a reader, take the time to listen to some of the songs he sings on his Facebook feed. That, too, is a testament to his optimism about health maintenance. For one with lung cancer, it is amazing how he still has breath enough in his lungs to complete a song. Sometimes he struggles to complete a song, but he never gives up before its ending.

With every thought of being healed; every song that he sings; every shower that he takes; every act of dressing himself (from choosing and putting on clothing to socks and shoes); with every plate of food he eats—everything he does now will make it  easier to fall back into his normal routine when he works past this health crisis. These things and others are all acts of prayer—his silent works of belief in prayers for healing.

But let’s return to the quote mentioned at the beginning of this column: God don’t always “let you die to be healed.” While doctors are the hands and feet used to do God’s physical work, the doctors do what we pray He has empowered them to do—make one well. Just like Rev. Fuzz, we should remember to believe in the power of prayer by acting out those beliefs to the best of our physical ability. Try and maintain your normal lifestyle if you find yourself in Fuzz’s situation.

It will be difficult, just as it is difficult for Rev. Fuzz. Therefore, we can be encouraged by observing his actions. Positive prayer results can be accomplished by words and deeds. When you pray for yourself, you also pray for others as they observe your strength. Your strength in prayer transfers to them as prayer in deed!

Thank you all for your prayers. Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz’s health and his healing. Readers are also encouraged to check on him through his Facebook posts under ‘Enoch Fuzz’ and continue to follow Rev. Fuzz’s journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time by reading this column each week.