Action 24/7 continues to lead online sports betting industry with innovative practices

Tina Hodges

While other online sports betting competitors ‘delay withdrawals’ or offer ‘bonuses for players to cancel withdrawals,’ Action 24/7, Tennessee owned and operated sports-book, continues to lead the industry with innovative practices like same day pay and cash withdrawals.

“When Tennesseans win big, they want their money fast. As a rookie bookie, I couldn’t agree more. Tennesseans should get their money quick and easy,” said Tina Hodges, Tennessee Action 24/7 CEO. “At Action 24/7, our digital withdrawals only take 15 seconds, and cash withdrawals are in-person and instant. That’s why more and more Tennesseans are downloading Action 24/7and using our app. They enjoy receiving same day pay, the flexibility of not being required to use a bank account, and speaking to real Tennesseans at our customer service call center. These innovative practices and local services are what sets Action 24/7 apart from other mega-corporations.”