‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
It’s a miracle

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

“I often wondered how God could ignore the thousands of prayers being offered for me daily. I’ve always known it would require what people call a miracle for me to overcome the doctor’s prognosis. Stage 4 lung cancer, in my mind, and in the mind of most people, meant set your house in order. But I also knew that something different was happening in my life. All the prayers, all the unique blessings and nuisances that seemed to be happening. People who I never knew from all over the world—from India to Africa and atheists to scientologists; Black and White; Catholics and Protestants were all praying every day and every night for my complete healing. How could God ignore such a special petition,” said Rev. Enoch Fuzz.

Rev. Fuzz is one of Nashville’s most well-known pastors, leading Corinthian Baptist Church since 1986. As he remains on his unbelievable journey with cancer, he continues to spread light and hope on what sometimes seems to be a hopeless situation for many. He is sharing his journey in hopes that readers would be inspired to realize the complete importance of having faith in prayer. Trust and believe in the ability to overcome any obstacles, including cancers and other critical diagnosis. Trust and believe in prayer.

“I remember praying, ‘God you got a problem here, because there is no way you can get around blessing me with all these great people praying for me,’ Rev. Fuzz said. “And He didn’t get around them. The doctor’s report on my progress was a miracle. One doctor even used the words ‘miracle’ and ‘amazing.’ My lung cancer mass has shrunk by 40% and the cancer in my back has healed. Whether you believe in miracles or not don’t really matter to me. What I believe in is the power of prayer.

“I’ve been a pastor over 40 years and those many prayers are the reason for the healing in my body and the blessings in my life. So I beg of you to keep the prayer wheel turning and keep the prayer fire burning ‘cause it’s working. And, by the way, as you pray for me, I promise I’ll be praying for you because we all really do need prayer. Amen!”

Continue to pray for Rev. Enoch Fuzz, because he is also praying for everyone. Check him on his Facebook status where you might find him singing and praising or giving testimony to God’s works. Continue to read his journey each week in ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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