NES provides relief to customers by ceasing disconnections for nonpayment until next month

As Middle Tennessee thaws from the winter storm, Nashville Electric Service understands there are still lingering impacts facing customers.

Due to mail delivery interruptions that could potentially delay power bills, NES has halted residential disconnections for nonpayment until March 1, 2021. NES also wants to hear from customers if they are having trouble paying their power bills. Contact NES at 615-736-6900, <> or for in-person service, visit the NES lobby at 1214 Church Street, Monday-Friday from 8 am-6 pm where safety protocols are in place.

During the winter storm, the total number of NES customers with power interruptions was 8,953, which is about two percent of NES’ 418,000 customers. The maximum number of customers without power at one time was 2,008.

“We believe our relatively low number of outages during this winter storm can be attributed to NES’ long-term planning and maintenance activities, including vegetation management where we trim trees away from power lines year-round. Additionally, in bitter cold temperatures, we are fortunate to rely on TVA’s diverse energy generation mix for reliability,” said Sylvia Smith, vice president of customer services at NES. “We want to thank the NES employees and contract crews who worked hard during this storm to keep Middle Tennessee safe and warm.”