‘Cancer: My Journey in Time

Rev. Enoch Fuzz

There are many small words with big meanings. ‘Why’ is one of those small, three-letter, simple words that pack a great big punch in meaning. The word is a question asked about things that are not understood.

Just at a year ago, Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, received a diagnosis of stage four lung cancer. While this was something totally new in his world, just learning of this serious health situation was already making a change in his life. He did not know where this journey would lead and asked that it would be chronicled in ‘real time’ each week.

In a recent conversation, Rev. Fuzz indicated that he receives comments on the weekly writings. “People say that they are inspired every week,” he began. He stated that readers were sending texts, emails and calling to express their thoughts about what they are reading. There is one comment that stood out: “Your words about your journey made me want to continue to live.” These and other similar statements led us to a conversation that let us both know people are encouraged to hear his story. Taking it a step further, one never knows the impact of a testimony.

Rev. Fuzz didn’t know ‘why’ he wanted to chronicle his journey with cancer. But he and I were both in a new situation, and we let the writing of the journey take its own form. Because of his unique life, the chronicles of Rev. Fuzz’s journey with cancer has been written with a unique style. It  was not enough to ‘report’ on his health. We wanted to add a message about life because of how he lives.

From this journey, we have both learned that following the whisper of God is more important than knowing ‘why’ because you are likely to learn the reason at some point. It is a blessing to bless others in sharing this story of great faith every week.

Rev. Fuzz had one goal in mind, prayer. Yes, he wants to be healed. However, he continually talks about the power and the desire for abundant praying worldwide. He is in awe of prayers that come from everyone of all faiths, nationalities, races, genders and social status. People not only pray for Rev. Fuzz’s health, prayers are answered in areas of everyday life in many forms. Fuzz continues to maintain community outreach with those who share food and other supplies. He connects organizations one to the other so that a difference can be made in areas of need for many people.

I’ve experienced a special note of gratitude in writing about his journey. I am also learning ‘why’ I am a part of Fuzz’s journey.

Let us pray:

“We thank you God for your mighty works as we follow your command. We often don’t know why we do what we do, but we thank you for allowing us to have the wisdom to know when we receive the answers from you. To use the words of this mighty servant, Rev. Fuzz, we want to continue to pray with him and for him as we all pray for this ‘whole wide world.’ In Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.”

Rev. Fuzz will continue to pray for the ‘whole wide world’ as he is known to say. He asks that you continue to pray for him. Also, visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his praise in pictures and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, be sure to keep following Rev. Fuzz’s weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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