Blacks claiming racism doesn’t exist in this country

William T. Robinson, Jr.

What alternate universe does a Black person live in to be claiming that racism doesn’t exist in this country? Do they live in a bubble or have they been so sheltered or cushioned that they are unaware of the reality existing for other people that look like them? I am happy that they have been blessed with opportunities and an exceptional environment that the majority of Blacks are not privy to. But if they really feel that racism is not alive and running rampant in this country, they are either in denial or all out lying. They are being used as puppets to represent the voice of what many see as the real oppressors: White racists.

Allow me to be absolutely honest and frank, we all know that some Blacks are picked by some Whites to dilute or totally deny the racism we all know exist. Racist Whites know that Blacks can say things that would definitely brand a White as racist if they said it themselves. What better scenario can you present than for a racist group, organization or institution to have a person from a targeted race or group subjected to racism say that racism doesn’t exist?

It is hard for many knowledgeable Blacks to understand how a well-known Black person can make a statement absolving this country from involvement in the ‘ongoing demonic behavior.’ It is discrimination against others basically because of the color of their skin. Critically study the true history of this country and you cannot ignore the role of racism, then and now, as a legitimate issue.

Victimized Blacks are forced to analyze the motives or objectives of an African American man or woman making a comment denouncing the fact that racism is an existing American stable literally practiced by many of our White counterparts with privileges and entitlements. You are forced to wonder if that Black person denying that racism exists is an opportunist seeking to advance their career by being used as a puppet to ingratiate themselves among their White counterparts. Even if that person is naive and truly believes what they’re saying about racism because of a sheltered rearing, their experience is individual and cannot collectively represent the experience of Blacks as a whole.

Handpicking Blacks to represent the views of our oppressors is a well-known practice, and Blacks are either ignorant or complicit in their participation. They are doing their country as well as their race an injustice because the healing process cannot be accomplished until the problem is acknowledged, addressed—with plans executed to help eradicate this practice. Denial and diluting the seriousness of racism only allows the continuance of its presence. America must come to grips with its many demons (including racism) and make amends. Softening or denying that racism is a flowing detriment causing unrelenting pain, suffering, and hurt only perpetuates its sting. And denying racism in this country only benefits racists and allows the practice to continue as the status quo.

I can only wish that those Blacks making the statement they feel racism doesn’t exist in this country would state whether they feel the Black Live Matter movement is necessary or legitimate. Do they question racial discriminatory practices relating to police brutality (and even murder by some law enforcement agencies)? How about discriminatory practices in educational institutions, banking and lending institutions, and the housing industry? Too often these Blacks are Republicans pushing an agenda some would say is privy to the wealthy and not in the best interests of the common working public. Being Black and a Republican is a choice and your right, but denying the suffering and pain of Blacks in general is unacceptable, giving White America an excuse to overlook racism and continue. No one (especially Blacks) should compromise the truth for political advantage and acceptance by a certain base.

When many Whites see Blacks doing well, they see an opportunity to rationalize that racism doesn’t exist; therefore, they find a way to avoid addressing the reality of systemic racism. Honing in on the success of some African Americans functions as a smokescreen to avoid the fact systemic racism affects the bulk of Black and Brown treatment in this country.

I hope Tim Scott, the only Black Senator in Congress, from South Carolina knows that the Black community is appalled and outraged that he would allow himself to be used as a pawn when he expressed he does not feel that this country is racist. Making excuses for racism makes you complicit in its continuance. Let’s acknowledge this country is sick and we can go forward in treating and correcting this despicable disease called racism.

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