Schism in the Republican Party

William T. Robinson, Jr.

It should be of no surprise that the blatant differences among those in the Republican Party have brought about an undeniable split bringing about two different Republican parties. There is a major contention in the GOP. Many if not most still favor the unrelenting lies of our previous ousted and defamed president, Trump, who still claims he won the election. Trump, of course, claims there was major election fraud in the presidential race which he lost. He also says he was not responsible for the insurrection that took place at the national Capitol Jan, 6 2021.

There is an inability and adamant refusal of loyal Trump supporters to refute the lies heralded by Trump—lies that have been proven to be baseless from all liable sources. This has caused a rift within the Republican Party. This division was cemented when Republicans in Congress dismissed Liz Chaney, the number three highest ranking House Republican, as House Republican Conference chair in Congress for refuting claims of election fraud and agreeing that Trump was responsible for the insurrection on the Capitol. She had also voted for his impeachment.

The House Republicans replaced Liz Cheney with Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.). While Cheney (R-Wy.) had a record of supporting Trump policies most of the time, records show Stefanik (a one time Trump critic) fell much lower in supporting Trump’s policies. Regardless, it finally came down to Cheney’s devotion to truth and democracy. She was opposed to following a megalomaniacal, lying demagogue who fostered lies and deception for his own personal interests. That led to her being oust from her leadership position.

Those Republican lawmakers, or rather sycophants, followed Trump and his loyal base over the cliff. They cast truth to the wind to keep their elected seats and compromised their integrity and respect for truth and justice to dance with what some would say is the devil. Mind you, these loyal Trump followers took an oath to defend democracy and the Constitution. But they have forsaken that oath for their own selfish motives.

No job or position is worth selling your soul to follow one of the most immoral, ruthless and mendacious men of our time. All Republicans haven’t followed Trump’s ‘Big Lie.’ In fact, those Republicans willing to acknowledge what we all know is the truth are to be commended and respected for putting their country ahead of a person.

The reality is that it should never have been about the validity of the Republican Party. It should have been about party members’ choice to support such an unscrupulous, immoral individual. Surely the Republican Party has more to offer than scraping the bottom of the barrel. They are dismissing all the decent, moral and conservative values they once claimed they represented. How ironic it is that it took only one man feeding division, racism, and lies to destroy and dismantle the honor and credibility of what was once seen as a viable respected party.

Those still supporting Trump are doing their country a grave disservice and making a mockery of what some once saw as redeemable values and qualities of the Republican Party. Unfortunately, many now see the GOP as the party of lies and immorality.

The split in the Republican Party will only fuel support for the liberal Democratic Party, because the Republican vote will be divided between pro Trump or pro Liz Cheney factions. One can argue that both major political parties are flawed and far from perfect. But based on the past actions of the Republican Party, they have an edge on immorality, corruption, lies, and deception. It will be interesting to compare those Republicans opting to remain loyal to Trump and his lies as opposed to those who say ‘enough is enough’ and choose truth and justice as beacons leading them to the light.

I, for one, am hoping that there are enough good Republicans to follow Liz Cheney in acknowledging what we all know to be the truth. I have the utmost respect for Liz Cheney who stands firm in the truth as opposed to House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy who flip flops in his support for the ex-president. One minute McCarthy is against Trump, but then for Trump the next—all  according to how his support would benefit him personally.

Shame on those with open eyes, refusing to see the truth. The Republican Party is divided and crippled and in dire need of a life preserver. Perhaps the hope for redemption for the Republican Party can be found in following Liz Cheney who at least refuses to support substantiated lies and understands our democracy is under attack.

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