‘Cancer My Journey in Time’
When you see me

Police officers and Pastor Fuzz assist in the 900 box food giveaway on Clinton Street.

“Everything that shines ain’t gold.” This is a saying that is usually associated with the desire to have something that may look positive, yet it may not be all that it appears to be.

Rev. Enoch Fuzz has often been seen around the city hosting or attending a celebration or an important meeting. This week, he attended a meeting with former Mayor David Briley, Chief of Police John Drake, Metro School Board Director Adrienne Battle, and a few African American pastors on behalf of the city in reference to a recommended tax hike. Last Monday, he spent time assisting in a food giveaway of 900 boxes of food and 400 boxes of four gallons of milk for each.  Last Thursday, Rev. Fuzz attended the annual Bobby Joslin Fish Fry.

During much of the last year (2020), Rev. Fuzz, pastor of the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, was involved with his battle with stage four lung cancer and unable to attend any events. His only visits were hospital stays and a struggle to regain a semblance of the health he had lost. While he is frequently seen out and about, he is still ill.

Prior to his diagnosis of cancer, Rev. Fuzz attended at least 10 to 15 events weekly, preached three to four sermons a week and was continuously on the move. He is currently attending about one to three events during the week. He is unable to preach an entire sermon. He has attempted to preach on a couple of special occasions, but was not able to complete his entire prepared sermon.  After each of these events, he immediately returns home where he retires to his bed for rest. He feels completely exhausted and often needs to use his oxygen to assist with breathing. He is still in need of significant bed rest. It should also be noted that much of his time each week is also spent at several medical appointments.

A beautiful, shiny object might appear as gold, but then it turns out to be just that—just a shiny object (not gold). Rev. Fuzz wants people to know that although he may appear fine and doing well at a particular event, he is still very ill. He remains under doctor’s care and is not ‘well’ just yet. At times he is still struggling to breathe and has a long way to go. He expects this journey will carry on another few years until he is completely healed.

“When people see me they think I am back doing what I have always done, but I’m still sick,” he said.

The Bible says to pray without ceasing and that’s what can be attributed to Rev. Fuzz’s ability to attend the events he does. Prayer is the driving force that keeps his journey moving forward.

Continue to pray for Rev. Enoch Fuzz because he is also in continuous prayer for you and the “whole wide world.” Visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his praise in pictures, testimony and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

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