Community group ‘Brothers Roundtable’ hosting Juneteenth celebration at Parkwood Community Center

The Brothers Roundtable, Nashville, is hosting a Juneteenth celebration at Parkwood Community Center on Saturday, June 19. The Brothers Roundtable is a nonprofit organization that hosts community engagement, educational, civic, and entrepreneurship activities in targeted neighborhoods of Nashville. Right now the nonprofit organization is focusing on the Parkwood neighborhood area. Since 2019 the Brothers Roundtable has hosted monthly community cleanups in the Parkwood area, and are currently coordinating with community leaders to install a playground in the Chesapeake neighborhood.

The upcoming Juneteenth celebration activities include music, food and drinks, hayrides, games, and a bouncy house for the kids. The celebration is scheduled for 12 pm-6 pm.

“We are not asking people to pay anything,” said Brothers Roundtable national Vice chair Jonathan Mosley. “We just want people to come with their minds and hearts open.”

The Juneteenth celebration is also being supported by community groups Dad’s Against Destruction, NISA, and Esquire Distinguished Gentlemen. The Brothers Roundtable was created for African American men and young men to come together once a month to clean targeted neighborhoods in North Nashville. Since the Brothers Roundtable’s inception, the community group has grown to over 30 members, has created a Memphis chapter, and has grown to service the community with social, civic and career services, to include hosting an upcoming job fair at Parkwood Community Center in August 2021.

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