Embracing Black upward mobility

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Try if they must, the media cannot dismiss, ignore, or hide the progressive, upward mobility seen in a growing number of young African Americans. I am referring to an ever-increasing rise in the number of young professional Black men and women who are on a mission to change the projectory of how young Blacks are judged and viewed.

Too often the media has a tendency to showcase the worst in the Black community, helping to promote negative stereotypes and images of African Americans. But as Blacks, we know that we are cultivating and showcasing sparkling diamonds that can’t be ignored or duplicated.

My biggest argument is that not enough of these young enterprising and dynamic innovators for professionalism and excellence are being recognized and supported by many in their own communities. Too much emphasis is placed on young Blacks falling short of societal expectations. This is even lauded by some young people as acceptable.

Blacks generate a considerable amount of buying power that is being spent in businesses, services and endeavors that don’t necessarily support their overall welfare. Supporting these up and coming, young Black wheelers and dealers is paramount to helping generate an economic base- empowering us as a race and helping make us more economically independent.

Many of these new Black movers and shakers do not buy into working for someone. They aspire to being entrepreneurs, running their own services and businesses—unlike many of their educated fathers and mothers whose only option were to work for their White counterparts, regardless of how brilliant and talented they may have been.   These new professionals are extremely intelligent, prudent, savvy and immune to the word ‘no.’ You can’t tell them they cannot achieve their dreams. If you are a naysayer, you need to stay out of their way, especially if you can’t help or support them.

I am fortunate to have firsthand experience in viewing the interactions of some of these up and coming movers and innovators through observing my children and their friends. They network and share their dreams and seem to have little if any tolerance or patience for those showing inadequacy or foolishness. They encourage the sharing of facts and knowledge and seem to have a low threshold for ignorance. They are far from being lazy and take pride in working for themselves.

These young people share the same dreams and often surround themselves with positive and uplifting peers. Sadly, sometimes there is a backlash from other Blacks out of envy, claiming these up and rising young adults think they are better than others and are trying to be White.  Being on top of your game and striving for professionalism and expertise is nothing to have to apologize for. But regretfully, it is part of the sabotaging tactics used by some Blacks who are encouraged by their oppressors to keep us divided.

Sadly, society will continue to publicize and showcase young Blacks in a negative light: depicting them engaged in a negative hip-hop culture, which demeans their own race. Black women are shown basically naked, shaking, gyrating and exploiting their bodies; Blacks are depicted selling and using drugs; lazy Black men are shown living off women and depicted as deadbeat Black fathers. This makes Blacks the poster children of all-out, cultural negativity. It is a way of subliminally making Blacks feel they are supposed to be inferior to their White counterparts, and consequently makes Whites feel superior.

The young Black professionals emerging are wise and up on the games used by those who seek to oppress them and devalue their worth. Most of them are well schooled on Black history and understand the role history has played and continues to play in trying to keep them down.  They are using education and entrepreneurship to help catapult them to where they need to be.

These young professionals may vary in their political affiliations, many opting to reject the established parties they claim don’t serve them.  Most of these young Black adults vote, but many will argue that they are individually responsible for changing their own destiny, despite the machinations of the two main political parties. Many feel both parties keep Blacks unempowered prisoners.

I wish I could say all young Black adults are on board in working together to change the negative scenario about Blacks being, lazy, immoral and unproductive. Trying to keep young Blacks inundated with buffoonery and ignorance is part of a well thought out plan to aid in the continuance of racism and White supremacy. But there are enough young Blacks changing our projectory. More are coming aboard every day. That’s why learning our true history is paramount in freeing our minds.

Let’s not fall for the orchestrated and well-planned schemes of those who seek to oppress us and keep us mentally imprisoned by continuing to sabotage the way we view ourselves and treat others. Highlighting buffoonery among Blacks is a way of keeping us from being taken seriously—keeping us from being united and realizing our greatness.

Acknowledging and supporting our young Black adults in their endeavors to succeed is paramount,  because when they excel and soar—we all soar.     Let’s make it a priority to showcase the best we have to offer, opposed to dwelling on the worst.

The new breed of intellectual Black professionals and entrepreneurs are not to be denied. They will portray the best in our race. I offer praise and kudos to these young adults representing our future. They provide hope and promise for a better tomorrow. Thank you. You make us proud.

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