The System of Things III

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Every once in a while you pick a book and become so engrossed with it, you find it hard to put down. Such is the case when I read The System of Things III by Luis E. Sweeney. Maybe my infatuation with the book was because as an African American, I could relate to the journey he takes the reader through in his experiences with different aspects of his life. He covers his experiences with school, the military, the correction system and the government in his capacity as a state trooper. It’s an intriguing story giving us an honest and candid glimpse at the haunting tentacles of overt racism and injustices he encountered.

His book is an easy read that eloquently exposes the reader to what so many African Americans and people of color experience on a daily basis. However what I found so compelling was how he was able to maneuver through the blatant displays of racism constantly surrounding him. He fell down at times but eventually came out on top with the conviction of his faith in God. He makes no mistake in acknowledging God as the guiding force in many of his actions and decisions.

He did what too few of us who are victimized, discriminated against, and vilified are too afraid to do: He stood up and exposed the corrupt system of racism so deeply ingrained in our government and society. His was a fight requiring uncompromising strength, conviction, and a fearlessness shielded by the armor of what he calls an awesome God. Exposing the truth that we all know exists in our government and our institutions can be a daunting fight with dire consequences for any group much least one person. But sometimes you do what you know is right regardless of the outcome. Isn’t that what our faith as Christians teach us? Sweeney takes that challenge but also challenges us to stand up and address the corruption and overt racism so prevalent in our government and institutions.

No matter which way he turned, he was confronted with ugly anathemas living and growing among us, keeping us divided. He alludes to the fact that we are fighting a spiritual war that requires one to take a side. His book is not a vehicle of hate or a putdown of the country he loves so dearly, but to wake some of us up and help make this country better, living up to what we know it ought to be.

His faith in God resonates constantly in the book along with his quest to listen to and follow what he feels is God’s will. He takes the reader through his lows and highs in dealing with institutional systems dripping with corruption and racism that is commonplace and acceptable by many within. He was also driven by his belief in the Constitution and the Bills of Rights, which  appears to be under attack if justice and fairness are denied to all Americans citizens.

This is a ‘must read’ book that should be read by all who want a candid and subtle look at the blatant and flagrant behaviors indicative to the racism within our society on a day to day basis. Many readers will identify with the author’s experiences, but others will be educated to the realities of those being mistreated, discriminated and marginalized against as they fail to find justice.

Sweeney’s story challenges us to take a stand to help in the eradication of the evils and corruption that have become normalized in our workplace and society as a whole. His major confrontation with injustice and racism was found in the government as a state trooper.

You will find the book interesting and perhaps motivating as it examines the many emotions he endured in his fight to be treated fairly. His book makes one realize that tackling giants is not an easy task but it is possible when you are armed with the truth and the backing of a non-failing God who has your back.

Luis Sweeney graduated from East High School in Nashville, Tennessee and is a graduate of Tennessee State University. He served in the military as a military policeman, in juvenile correctional institutions, and retired as a state trooper. His journey will make you think and perhaps encourage you to tackle the injustices and racisms running rampant in our society.

His book, The System of Things III, can be found on any online bookstore or at <>. He is the author of two others books: The System of Things I, and the System of Things II.

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