‘Black Girl Wellness’ launches as a one-stop shop for wellness solutions

Dr. Tanya Nichols, the creator and founder of ‘Black Girl Wellness’.

It’s a well-known but under-discussed fact that issues of systemic racism and social inequities historically and continually plague our country, and Americans have witnessed these issues more than ever with the harrowing events that have occurred in 2020. In the aftermath of the brutal police killings amid the global pandemic, Dr. Tanya Nichols (licensed psychologist and postdoctoral fellow in child welfare and trauma-informed care at the Vanderbilt University Center of Excellence for Children in State Custody) noticed how many Black people sought to heal and further embrace their Blackness by caring for their souls and spirits through radical self-care practices and supporting Black-owned businesses. Inspired by this shift, Dr. Nichols had an idea that would further support and empower Black women and women of color within her community and beyond.

‘Black Girl Wellness’ was officially launched in June 2021 by Dr. Tanya Nichols. As a licensed psychologist who cares deeply about mental health and the overall wellness of Black and marginalized communities, Tanya created Black Girl Wellness as a way to make accessible the often inaccessible wellness solutions through an online directory for these services. Black Girl Wellness targets four signature pillars of holistic wellness: mental, physical, career, and financial, along with a fifth pillar that lets consumers shop for health and wellness-related products. This platform is a one-stop shop for wellness solutions that can bring peace, purpose, and fulfillment to the lives of Black women and women of color.

As part of its launch, Black Girl Wellness is currently offering a limited-time special for a free three-month subscription in the BGW directory (a $59.97 value). Women interested in becoming a BGW member and accessing this exclusive deal can visit <blackgirlwellness.co> for more information.

The mission of Black Girl Wellness is to provide a centralized online location of Black and women of color owned wellness solutions that have been historically inaccessible or undiscoverable within our communities. Black Girl Wellness seeks to empower women of color by expanding access to resources and products that address key dimensions of their lives including mental, physical, career, and financial wellness. Through its vital online resource, Black Girl Wellness creates a meaningful opportunity for advocates of health and well-being to contribute to the economic advancement of our communities by supporting other Black women and women of color entrepreneurs.

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