‘Cancer: My Journey in Time’
What they said

Pastor Fuzz (center) attends festival in Hadley Park pictured with Venita Lewis (right), Deford Bailey, Jr. (back left) and Deidre Cox (front left).

“Sixteen months ago they said I would live 14 months,” recalling what the doctors said, by the Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church in reference to his journey with stage four lung cancer. And, how well it is remembered.

If anyone follows the status of Facebook and other forms of social media, one might see Pastor Fuzz smiling with groups of friends, singing a song, taking a selfie, sharing a sermon and yes, even going on a plane ride to Kentucky for lunch!

This past weekend, Rev. Fuzz enjoyed the entertainment at the Silence the Violence outdoor festival on Saturday, hosted by Venita Lewis, founder of KEVA Inc. His support is greatly appreciated whenever he gets the chance to come out to the different activities because people are glad to see him “out and about.”  As he attended for a short time, he was in need of rest.  He requires rest following such outings as he is still under doctor’s care and those activities take a lot out of him. If one were to continue to scroll his timeline on social media, they will see the delineation of how activities unfolded on this journey.

While in need of rest, it is still difficult to rest with ease due to the unrest of today’s climate.  No, it is not the temperature of the weather, but the social climate due to the various issues unrelated to his physical condition.  You may also find him on social media making reference to such social ills.  It is difficult for us all to rest when there is so much unrest on issues made political that are not of a political nature.

It is difficult to obtain proper rest for the body and mind, when one is awakened to such mind-boggling disparities of truths with our government and with our right to life individually, yet we live amongst each other.

This makes some of our individual rights contingent upon each other and our rights in how we live together in this one universe.  Fuzz posted, “Opt out wearing seat belts and masks.  Opt out of driving the speed limit…”  There are many things that can be opted out of that we have no choice to do.

Because sixteen months ago “they” said that Pastor Fuzz would.

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