Rev. Fuzz triumphantly returns to pulpit

On Sunday, September 5, Rev. Enoch Fuzz made his triumphant return to the pulpit. Rev. Fuzz has been battling with cancer (the Nashville PRIDE has chronicled his recovery each week, see page 3 for the latest).

In attendance for his return were Nashville Mayor John Cooper, Tenn. state Sen. Brenda Gilmore, District Attorney Glenn Funk, Judge Linda Jones, and a host of other community leaders who welcomed the return of the pastor.

“I’m so glad to see him in the pulpit today,” said Sen. Gilmore.  “We are praying for a complete healing.”

Rev. Fuzz thanked those in attendance and the community for their prayers and support, especially the members of his church who have been especially supportive.

“I thank Corinthian,” said Rev. Fuzz. “They have been the best church in the whole wide world.  They cook food, and clean house, they wash clothes, they made sure I got food, they pray, and they pray and they pray. They let me set down and get well.”

In true Fuzz style, he took the opportunity of his high profile return to help raise funds for two churches in Waverly, Tennessee who suffered from the recent flooding.

Fuzz’s message was that God is with us, and is helping us through these trying times.

“God is with us, and we might all ask in America if God is with us, why have all this calamity befallen us?” Fuzz talked about the fires burning millions of acres, floods of historic proportions, hurricanes stretching across America, and the pandemic that has taken over 600,000 lives in America alone.

“I come to tell you God is with us. God has always been with us,” he said. “Just because trouble comes in your life doesn’t mean God is not there. God calls us to have faith in Him and you’ve got to have faith in God. When you have faith, everything is going to turn out right. Trouble causes us to challenge our faith, but you’ve gotta have faith in God.”

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