‘Cancer: My Journey in Time(part 59)
Expressions of hope

It is a sight to see a dandelion growing from a crack in the pavement. First, a dandelion is a yellow flower that is considered to be a ‘weed’ rather than a flower. It is also a nightmare and a pest for those with manicured lawns with nice green grass. Dandelions and other weeds [that look like flowers] are removed from gardens and other places that are not suitable for a nice garden, flowerbed or lawn. Second, dandelions grow under any and all circumstances—even though it was not selected or planted. Yet when we see a dandelion and other sorts of weeds growing in a sidewalk, breaking through asphalt, concrete and other surfaces that are not conducive for growth of any kind—it is an amazing sight. I would say it is a sign of ‘hope’ that expresses determination and hope in all of God’s beauty (even though it is considered a weed).

Rev. Enoch Fuzz, pastor of Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church, continues on his journey with stage four lung cancer. And through all of his ailments, he continues to strive to also make sure that any ‘weeds’ in God’s garden will also thrive. While a dandelion may not be a flower from a garden to be used in a bouquet, it is still bright yellow and beautiful. When other similar wild flowers of various beautiful colors are given just a little bit of sunshine and any water at all, they will grow under any circumstances.

It would behoove all people to act like the dandelion and push through the ‘concrete’ difficulties of life. Looking at those images is an expression of hope to know that all things can be overcome, and the beautiful strength of life can shine through.

There are threats of COVID; new strands of COVID; the question of whether to be vaccinated or not; hospitals filling up leaving ‘no room in the inn’; tornadoes; rising waters that flood cities in a matter of minutes; rising anger from drivers and our fellow men; crowded streets; shaky governments; and so many uncertainties that could be listed—but there is still hope. We may have to intentionally look for signs and expressions of hope, but hope is there.

Jesse Jackson once said: “Keep hope alive.” Then the Bible says: “May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope,” Romans 15:13.

While Rev. Enoch Fuzz is not a weed, as the dandelion, he is just as the dandelion: always an expression of hope as he continues on his journey, pushing through the pain and discomforts of cancer and all that comes with it. Next week we will look at other issues concerning lymphedema that cause uncomfortable swelling.

Continue to pray for Rev. Fuzz. He continues to pray for each of you as he also prays for the world. Visit his Facebook site where you will find him sharing his concerns, praise in pictures, testimony and song. As we continue to follow God’s guide, keep following his weekly journey, ‘Cancer: My Journey in Time.’

(A special note of thanks for continuing to read and share this journey. May it be a blessing in your life.)

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