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My cup runneth over

William T. Robinson, Jr.

Thanksgiving offered me a time to personally reflect on the goodness of a God who provides us with blessings that falleth on us like rain. The truth is that every day should be Thanksgiving, a day that we praise and…

Appreciating your blessings

William T

We have just celebrated Thanksgiving, probably one of the most beloved holidays recognized in this country regardless of one’s religious affiliation. It is a time when family and friends partake in a sumptuous meal consisting of staples such as turkey,…

“The least of these”

Photo of Robin Harris Kimbrough

As we celebrate Thanksgiving, let us not forget about “the least of these.” In fact, Jesus provides a list of the least of these, including: the sick, the hungry, the stranger, the thirsty, and the naked. We can easily identify…